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Injection from the factory

This is for treating and cleaning all types of petrol injectors installed into the engine before your car left the factory for the very first time. Thee are factory specification injectors.

performance car upgrades

This is for the street scene vehicle, for those of you who have spent loads on the looks of your car and now want that little bit of extra ooopmh.

off-road applications

This treatment and Injector Series is for the Off-Road enthusiast whose engine has to deal with all sorts of conditions from desert climates down to Antarctic conditions and onslaughts of mud as well as lots of water and puddles.

fast car level

This treatment is aimed at the enthusiast and person who loves their car so much that an Injector Clean is like their treat for their car, once every so often so keep their beloved motor in tip-top shape

fully re-mapped upgrades

This option is for those who have had their vehicle re-mapped and now want some injectors with a difference to provide the next step of excitement.

race teams for the track / road

This level requirtes specialist Injectors which are tailor modified to suit your particular requirements from track racing, off-road racing to grass-tracking and stock car racing. We will work with you to develop an Injector to suit your needs.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning

The Injectors are removed and treated to a deep cleansing ultrasonic bath, the undertray provides targeted shots of spray enabling the injector to receive a clean which normal ultrasonic alone cannot provide.


Performance Injectors

Shown below are some of our available range of Performance Injectors.

We have Injectors available for the to upgrade your fast street car right through to Road and Race Competition Level.

Most Race Teams with Petrol Engines inside run on ASNU Injectors.

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