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Our vision

We have a vision at Yorkshire Engines to be able to help all our local farmers to help save money and to keep their machines moving with the least disruption possible.


We believe our Farmers are one of the three most important factors in our UK economy and we are pleased to chip in and help wherever and however we can.

Yorkshire Engines - John Deere Tractors.


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About Us

Yorkshire Engines is now in it’s third inclination.  The original company began in 1918 and employed more than 70 people.


Today, we still respond to demand for the services required and we still offer easily the broadest range of services in the County and there are not many people in the whole of the UK who can match our overall services and range of repair.


At Yorkshire Engines, we have more than 40 different machines in our workshop enabling us to carry out a hugely varied amount of different tasks on your engine, gearbox and other mechanical items on your Farming Machines.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment to come and view our workshop or alternatively click on the button below to view our full range of services we can carry out and some of the equipment we use to carry it out.

Yorkshire Engines - Tractors and Bales of Hay.
Yorkshire Engines - Tractor Harowing.

Unusual repairs that we can carry out

Yorkshire Engines - Combine Harvester.

Front Machinery

Yorkshire Engines can provide a range of repairs to your front end machinery such as forks and combs, depending on size, we can skim, straighten, flatten, bend and more… – Contact us to see how we can help.

Rear Machinery

Here at Yorkshire Engines, we have several other machines in our workshop which enable us to be able to carry out a wide range of repairs to machinery attached to the rear of your main driving machines such as Tractors and Combines – contact us to see if we can help.

Yorkshire Engines - Rear Machinary (Sprayer).

Agricultural Delights


Carbon Cleaning your machinery can have a dramatic effect and will over time save you expense of having to de-carbon your precious machines.


DPF Cleaning can also clean your Catalytic Convertor and the effect of this will enable your engine to breathe with the same clarity it left the factory with.


This specialist service is carried out along with a new Oil and Oil Filter change and is designed to completely regenerate all engine oilways.


Keep an eye on this section as from time to time, we will post a fantastic special offer in this section which will never be repeated during the same year.

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Carbon Clean Treatment
EDT Deep Cleanse
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