Here at Yorkshire Engines, our mission is to keep your vehicles, your machinery and your engines moving and in tip-top shape, we have more than thirty different machines in our workshop, all designed to regenerate and breathe extra life into your tired components.

As well as all the necessary equipment to re-generate your tired components, we all have several different pieces of equipment to massively help already running machinery to run and breathe even better, it is almost like a human being having all their veins and arteries de-toxed and cleansed.

These machines will rid an engine of it’s internal CARBON buildup from both the Oilways and the Airways and where a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is fitted or a CAT Convertor, this can be cleaned too.

Never in Yorkshire has such a wide range of equipment been available under one roof that is designed to look after your Engines and Machinery.

Click on the SERVICES option in the menu bar above for a complete list of services we can offer and tasks we can carry out although in general, very little is beyond our scope of capabilities.

If you require something not listed then give us a call as it may be something we are already in the process of doing or maybe it is something in our plan for the immediate future.

The premises we operate from has had a long and proud history and we are proud to be able to continue the locally known and well respected legacy which was forged by the original owner of the business.


He was known throughout the area and his work was tried and trusted. The business was known previously as Alex E. Carr Engineering and Mr. Carr began his business in 1918, just after the end of the first World War and such was the demand that he managed to grow very quickly from employing a handful of people into a large scale operation employing more than 70 people – such was the demand for his services.


We are very proud to be able to keep up his good name even though the business name is different, the staff, the machinery, the skills and methods and the quality are still the same. 


All of our current staff had work for Mr. Carr for a long time, a couple of them had been with Mr. Carr for more than 40 years each.


It would be nice to think that we can not onlyh keep up the good work started in 1918 but to also update and improve all what Alex first put into place way back in 1918.

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