Frequently Asked Questions ... and Answers

Here is where you will hopefully find the answers to any questions you may have wanted to ask … if the question or answer is not here then feel free to get in touch with us and ask what you would like to know.

Here at Yorkshire Engines, we are able to carry out a huge and varied range of services most of which are designed to repair broken engines and machinery.

We are also able to carry out modifications which can improve the efficiency, power and durability of an engine or machinery and we are constantly keeping up with technology and in vesting in new equipment where necessary.

We carry out this work with a plethora of combined decades of experience from our talented staff who have done their job for most of their working lives and in our area of Yorkshire at least, their knowledge and experience are second to none.

Don’t be thinking that we cannot help you if you have something a little out of the ordinary as our bespoke and reverse engineering and more importantly out fabrication work means we can adapt to meet almost any requirement you may have.

Yorkshire Engines are extremely diverse and we have helped and are still to this day helping to keep Race Teams on the track, Kit Cars and other modified vehicles on the Road, HillClimbers, Quads and 4×4’s Off-Roading, Go-Karts, Racers and Motorcycles on the track.

We support Standard Road Vehicles as well as Buses, Trucks and other Commercial Vehicles, All Marine Engines and machinery, Plant Hire Equipment, Race Teams, Farmers, Motorcyclists, Classic Car Owners Clubs, Restoration Specialists, Military Applications and practically anything else you can think of. In fact it is very difficult to think of something which we cannot repair or assist with.

Don’t take only my word for it though, call us on 01482 562191 and give us a try, i think you’ll be surprised.

Yes of course, as already touch upon in the previous question, if your engine or machinery is able to be brought into us then we can have a look for you usually straight away and tell you what we can do for you and what you can expect from the results.

With out extensive experience, we may be able to offer a kind of replacement or work carried out that could eliminate the problem ever occurring again or at least giving it a long extended life.

If the item is too big or awkward to be brought in then we can come out to your location and inspect and sometimes even repair it on site, this service does however have a reasonable callout charge and is by appointment only but the results will always be designed to save you money in the end otherwise of course there would be no reason to repair it to begin with.

We are able to offer a mobile service depending on your location and the work you want doing but ultimately the answer if YES, we do offer a mobile service and this can cater for things such as Broken Stud or Bolt removal and re-tapping or re-threading with various ways to enable you to insert new bolts and studs like it was originally.

We offer various solutions to motor vehicle dealer networks whereby we can  visit your premises or garage workshop in order to remove LOCKING WHEEL NUTS and BOLTS, BROKEN AND SHEARED NUTS, STUDS and BOLTS, inserting HELI-COILS and Threaded Inserts and other things besides, call us to see if we can assist you.

Why waste time and effort if you think the end result will end up being a broken part and you pulling your hair out – call us first and we will probably save you a large headache.

As the name implies we cover Yorkshire but for a Mobile Service we do not cover all of Yorkshire, only East Riding of Yorkshire and a little further afield if required but if in doubt then please call us.

For this area we also offer a collection service and we have different colletion times and dates depending on the area.

For everything else we offer a courier collection and pickup service and if necessary a return service back to you also – this is all insured and covered under our own warranty system as well as the couriers insurance for goods in transit. This will however depend on you packing the items safely and securely with appropriate padding and protection.

This service we operate both Nationally and Internationally

Yes it does, any items collected have a charge depending on location but if collection in line with our normal run out to that area then the collection is very minimal and can be as little as £5 but if we have to make a specialist collection outside of our normal visit to that area then it will be higher – the best way is to call us and ask.

As for callouts, again it depends on what you need doing and the location. We charge usually by the time spent on site for work invoiced, the callout is a separate charge at a lower rate depending on your location – again, if in doubt then it is always better to call us and ask.

Regarding collection we work to a timeframe of 8am – 4pm depending on location, if the area to be collected from is known to be suffering from abnormal traffic conditions or roadworks or adverse weather conditions such as flooding then this of course can change and for reasons of safety, we may in extreme cases have to decline the collection until the particular condition either improves or disappears completely.

The timeframe for visit to your location for work to be carried out would be decided in-house by our team and the person visiting and he will allow himself suitable time to return to base before the end of their normal working day.

Our opening hours are always kept up-to-date at the very bottom left of this website and we regret we cannot offer collection of callout outside of our opening times.

Sometimes when an item is brought into us, collected or sent to us, it is beyond repair and deemed scrap. As metal is a material that suffers wear, all items can only have a specific span of life in this world, we are here to improve and prolong this life as much as possible and whilst some items are not able to be repaired, we feel we have a huge success rate at restoring and repairing items to their former glory.

Currently we are running at around a seven percent scrap rate of which a high percent of this relates to light commercial vehicles which have clearly been not exactly looked after very well or high salt water contamination in Marine applications.

If the situation occurs where the item cannot be repaired, a charge still has to be made to cover our costs and time but a full charge is not made – only a reflective price is charged when your item cannot be repaired.

Yes or course, there are things that we cannot do but this is usually only limited due to the size of machinery we have but in general anything as big as an articulated truck is able to have most possible jobs carried out.

Depending on the item though, bigger items have been repaired before, items from large ships or plant equipment have all been through our doors so if in doubt then call us first.

Yes we do, by looking at the top of the page, under the picture of the engine and map of the UK, you will see a word saying… ‘Services’ … by clicking on this option, it will take you to a list of what we can offer which is being constantly updated with content weekly / monthly.

Everything described in the Services list has it’s own page located elsewhere in this site for more detailed information and by clicking on the item name, it will take you directly to that page.

If you see anything not on the list which you require then please call us as we may still be able to assist you.